About Us

Arizona Fresh Vending is a family- owned business serving over 80 customers and has over 175 machines installed throughout the Phoenix area. Our headquarters is located at 3801 E Roeser Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85040. Arizona Fresh Vending has strategic alliances and is an authorized partner with Coca-Cola, Pepsi as well as most major brands of food and snack items. We have the resources necessary to provide excellent service but are not too large to properly serve small to medium size customers.

warehouse16Dedicated Route Driver
Arizona Fresh Vending provides consistent service by dedicating the same route driver to serve your location each day. All of our route drivers are experienced and have completed the necessary background checks and fingerprinting required complying with most security requirements.

Service Schedule
Arizona Fresh Vending serves mid- to high- volume customers by visiting your location as often as required to keep our machines stocked with fresh products. Many of our customers are served daily. The daily service includes complete re-stocking of machines, removal of product that has reached its expiration date, cleaning of each machine and complete inspection to ensure all functions are working properly.

Rapid Service Call Response Time
Arizona Fresh Vending commits to responding to all service call requests within twenty-four hours of the time of the call. Actual response time to fix repairs is normally 2-4 hours but always within the 24 hour guarantee.

Arizona Fresh Vending refunds daily for money lost due to equipment malfunction or product quality issues. Our route drivers have the authority and responsibility to provide such refunds and have a ready supply of currency available.

Arizona Fresh Vending maintains adequate insurance with reputable carriers to properly cover the products, services and related activity performed at your site.

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