AZ Fresh Vending Reviews 

5redstars  yelplogoBrad H. – We called Arizona Fresh Vending to come and put some vending machines in our office.  They had them set up the very next day. I’ve never worked with a company as responsive and professional as they have been.

yellowstarsyplogoYvette P. – I manage an office complex in Phoenix and we decided to switch out our bank of vending machines for a Micro Market.
After shopping around it seemed that the pricing and financial options where very similar. However, when looking at the history of service and customer satisfaction it became obvious that Arizona Fresh Vending would be far more likely to take care of me after the sale.
So, we went with them and for the last three months, we have been very happy with their support and service.

orangestarsKudzLogoelirohlf – I manage a manufacturing facility in Phoenix and we put out an RFQ for a vending machine company. All the usual responses came in and the pricing was fairly similar. So, I started reviewing their reputation for service and support and that is where things got interesting. I found that Arizona Fresh Vending consistently had a good reputation for good service and quick response time. So, we opted for them to replace our current vendor and for the last six months we have been very happy with them. The machines are filled and maintained on a good schedule. They are also very responsive to requests for different products in the machines.

orangestars2googlelogoLacey Smith – I manage a large office with a bank of vending machines and the vendor that we had was going out of business. So after a bit of shopping around we decided to give Arizona Fresh Vending a try. For the last six months they have been very responsive to our requests and requirements and I would recommend their services to anyone.

orangestars2Brian H – We hired Arizona Fresh Vending to put some vending machines and a Micro Market in our call center last year and I’ve been so pleased with their service and support I had to say something.  Unlike our previous vendor, they are very responsive to our requests…

botwstarsbestoftheweblogoJanelle Rodgers –  “I manage a call center in Tempe and we decided that it would be a good idea to provide our 400+ employees with something a little better than just a row of vending machines. We started shopping around for a company to facilitate a micro market for us and Arizona Fresh Vending won our bid primarily because of their superior reputation for service.

yellowstarsdexknowslogoElsa G  – We changed vending machine services recently because of bad service and I’m very surprised at how quick Arizona Fresh Vending responds to my request for help when I call. The difference is night and day from our old company. I’m very happy with our change to AZ Fresh.

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